Could Cloud’s iconic sword from Final Fantasy 7 be real? (video)

Image Credit: Square Enix
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In the classic game Final Fantasy VII, main character Cloud Strife wields a massive sword that’s roughly the length of his body. If his sword was made it real life, would physics make it possible to fight with such a large weapon? A new video from popular YouTube channel VSauce3 says “yes.”

Vsauce3 estimates that, in real life, Cloud’s sword would be about 70-inches long and between .5 and 1 inch thick. Some European greatswords were longer than this, so it seems plausible. As for weight, the video estimates the sword would weigh between 8 and 15 pounds. That weight also suggests it would be feasible to use the sword, although it would be a little awkward to handle.

Check out the informative video above for more.