Microsoft has officially moved off its nebulous Points system for purchasing movies and music in Windows 8.

The new operating system, which officially launches on Oct. 26, features a digital store. In previous versions, renting films or buying songs from this store required the use of Genuine Microsoft Points.

The payment system, which Microsoft began as part of Xbox Live on the Xbox 360, requires users to buy packs of points. Every 80 points equals $1. The online bundles of points (and retail cards) start at 400 points. This method can result in you leaving small amounts of unwanted and unused points in your naccount.

Sony’s PlayStation Network and Nintendo’s 3DS eShop both allow its customers to pay the exact dollar price for an item. Microsoft certainly realizes the benefits of providing this payment route to customers, since it made the switch for its new OS, but they aren’t abandoning it on Xbox 360 quite yet.

“Micrsoft points continue to be the currency for purchasing content for the Xbox 360 console,” a Microsoft spokesperson told The Verge.

And while Windows 8 now defaults to your local currency, you can still use your Microsoft Points if you have some on your account.

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