Skyrim game files hint at DLC dragon mounts and Morrowind locations

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Gamers have a long-running history of dissecting game code to discover secrets, cut content, and more recently, upcoming downloadable content. If not for them, we might have never known about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’s scandalous Hot Coffee mod, the Street Fighter X Tekken on-disc DLC, and now some potentially exciting news for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Players have discovered files in the PC version (which just underwent a recent patch) titled “DLC2″ and “Dragonborn.” Dragonborn was trademarked by Skyrim developer Bethesda’s parent company earlier this year. But even better are the inclusion of dragon-riding animations, which suggest that dragon mounts are the next in a long line of Skyrim Game Jam features to make their way to the actual game.

Certain locations from Morrowind, the setting for the third Elder Scrolls game (and my favorite), have also been noted in the files. Last year players found (and Bethesda confirmed) that Morrowind locations had already been modeled beyond the Skyrim world map.

All I have to say is let me summon a Golden Saint and I’m good.