Disney's mobile game star Swampy gets his own animated series

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The shower-obsessed alligator from Disney’s Where’s My Water? is moving from video games to an animated series.

The germaphobic Swampy stars in 12 episodes of Swampy’s Underground Adventures that will appear weekly on and YouTube. Starting in November, Disney will air the cartoons on its popular Disney Channel.

The first episode is available now:

“Swampy’s rise to stardom began on the App Store, and now we’re extending his story to online video and linear television,” said senior vice president of Disney Interactive Entertainment Mark L. Walker. “With Swampy’s Underground Adventures, we’re able to offer fans of Where’s My Water? a fun new look at the humor and personality behind Swampy and his friends.”

Where’s My Water? is a physics-based puzzle game where players must direct water through an obstacle-filled sewer so that Swampy can take a shower. He loves to be clean. It’s cute and clever with a wide appeal.

It’s also very popular. Since debuting in Apple’s App Store, iPhone players have made it the most-downloaded game in 90 different countries. Where’s My Water? is also available on Android devices.