Ticket to Ride on iOS gets spooky for Halloween (plus giveaway)

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Ghostly pumpkin trains are invading the iOS version of Ticket to Ride today, bringing with them new Halloween-themed achievements. To celebrate this holiday update, Days of Wonder (the company behind Ticket to Ride) is giving away Halloween Freighter train sets for the tabletop version of the game.

Days of Wonder released a very silly statement about the update: “We’ve made our two Halloween achievements devilishly tricky, but the rewards will be wicked fun for some of our more entombed players,” said Dark Kaufmann (Mark Kaufman), the “vice presi-dead of macabre” at the company. “Fresh meat may not stand a ghost of a chance.”

Winning a Halloween Freighter set means unlocking the new Ghost Catcher and Pumpkin Master achievements in the iOS version and then sending a picture of your accomplishment to

GamesBeat also has five Halloween Freighter sets to give away! To enter, follow these steps:

  • Follow @GamesBeat on Twitter.
  • In the comments below, tell us about the scariest ghost story you’ve ever heard.
  • Be sure to leave your Twitter account name in the comments, as well, so we can contact you about shipping information.
  • Unfortunately, the contest is only open to residents in the continental United States.