Meet Silicon Valley’s most stylish geek-chic guys

Name: Nick Bilton
Gig: Technology columnist, The New York Times 

Tell us exactly what you do.
“I explain, in layman’s terms, for non-tech folks, how technology is impacting society and what these massive changes will mean in the future.”

What is the coolest part about your job?
“My job allows me to help protect people from companies that are trying to take advantage of them — or, government when it enforces nonsensical arcane rules, like the F.A.A., which I have taken on for not allowing people to use Kindles and iPads on planes during take-off and landing.”

What are your go-to wardrobe staples?
“Jeans, a white or light blue slim-fit shirt, slim dark blazer or cardigan, and brown pointed shoes. Oh, and some very colorful socks.”

You’re a recent NYC transplant, what are your observations of NYC versus S.F. for fashion?
“New York City is the epitome of style. Everyone looks like they’re walking on a runway, not the grimy concrete streets of the city. In San Francisco, people think a hoodie is stylistic. But, I know a number of people that are trying to change that by dressing well, myself included.”

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