How a Sith Lord spends the day at Disneyland

Darth Vadar Disneyland
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Darth Vadar. You were just purchased for over four billion dollars. What are you going to do now? Obviously, the answer is go to Disneyland.

Disney is in celebration mode, and released this video today showing Darth Vadar and two Stormtroopers discovering the magic of Disney. Yesterday, the major media company announced that it purchased Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion dollars, along with its video game development arm LucasArts. The acquisition is a huge one for the media industry, putting Disney in control of Star Wars, along with Pixar, Indiana Jones, Marvel, ABC, and ESPN.

On top of that, Disney will release a seventh Star Wars movie to be followed by eight and nine “every two to three years.” This YouTube video might not exactly be a prelude to the movies, but it’s certainly cute seeing a Storm Trooper try to drink soda out of a collector’s cup in his mask.

Happy Halloween.