Handsome people play the Wii U in its first U.S. TV ad

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Nintendo’s Wii U advertising campaign officially launched in the States today with its first television commercial for the upcoming video game home console that debuts Nov. 18.

The minute-long TV spot shows several groups of happy people all playing different kinds of Wii U games. We’ve reported previously on the first Wii U ad that Nintendo aired in the U.K. That advertisement attempted to explain the new functionality of the hardware, whereas the U.S. ad shows instead of tells. That’s probably better, as anyone that wants to learn about Nintendo’s new console is better off reading our article that explains everything you need to know about the Wii U.

The Wii U is Nintendo’s next home console and a followup to the Wii. Nintendo is selling the basic Wii U console for $299.99. Its marquee feature is a new tablet controller that enables one player to get a different perspective on the game while others follow the action on the TV display.

We’ll have a review of the Wii U hardware and the first handful of games in the coming weeks. In the meantime, find all of the news relevant to the launch here.