New Dragonborn downloadable content headed to Skyrim December 4

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Dragons aren’t the only long-dead creatures returning to lay waste to Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The original Dragonborn, a warrior who gains power from devouring dragon souls, is back, and judging by how he looks in the just-released trailer from developer Bethesda, he’s not too happy that your character is running around eating all his souls.

The original Dragonborn was a powerful priest that worshiped Skyrim’s scaly menace and even ruled in their name. So, you know, he’s likely a great evil hoping to reclaim his reign.

This downloadable content pack hits the Xbox 360 on December 4 for 1,600 Microsoft Points ($20.) Like with previous Skyrim content updates, a PC version is expected soon after. Unfortunately, Bethesda is still struggling to bring its previous Skyrim add-ons to the PlayStation 3 and Dragonborn is likely to find itself in a similar limbo.

Dragonborn is the third expansion to Bethesda’s popular open-world role-playing game. In June, the developer released the Dawnguard DLC which expanded the role vampires played in the world. Bethesda released Hearthfire in September which introduced home-ownership and child-rearing.