Want into the closed Hawken beta? We have the codes you’re looking for

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We know a guy who knows a guy who knows a gal that can help you out with your giant robot warrior needs.

The PC first-person mech shooter Hawken began its latest closed beta last weekend. Of course, it’s really only closed if you’re a square, and you’re not a square because you read GamesBeat.

That’s right, we have an access code that’ll work for the first 50 people who try to use it. Just follow the instructions below:

Supercode: GAMESBEAT

  1. Set up an account at (or log into yours if you have one)
  2. Once signed in at the top right you’ll see “Redeem Code” – click that
  3. Enter: GAMESBEAT
  4. Download and try not to kill the player named “JeffGrubb”

Developer Adhesive Games will push the full release of Hawken on Dec. 12. It will be free-to-play with in-game purchases similar to the popular and successful World of Tanks. Publisher Meteor Games has already raised $18 million from investors to aid Hawken’s release, as the gorgeous shooter is expected to set a new benchmark for the free-to-play model.