After 400 million downloads, Storm8 releases new puzzle game to continue customer engagement

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Virtual bubbles, jewels, and restaurants — that’s where the money is.

Mobile game publisher Storm8 announced that it’s surpassed 400 million downloads across its numerous games. Popular titles like Bubble Mania, Fashion Story, and Restaurant Story from its studio TeamLava have fueled the company’s success.

“Bubble Mania’s success contributed to what has already been a record-setting year for Storm8 and allowed us to surpass 400 million game downloads,” said Storm8 chief executive officer Perry Tam. “Our mobile gaming network is now growing at the fastest rate we’ve ever seen in our company’s history. The huge interest we received for Bubble Mania signaled a growing appetite for social arcade games, which is why we’re doubling down on this genre with Jewel Mania.”

TeamLava has a half-dozen titles in the Google Play market’s 100 highest-grossing apps, and Bubble Mania remains in the Apple App Store’s top 25 highest-grossing games rankings. It’s positioning Jewel Mania to do the same.

“Our ability to consistently expand into different genres quickly is the core part of the Storm8 DNA,” said Tam. “We achieve this by hiring smart team members who are adaptive to a fast-paced and dynamic environment. From massively multiplayer online role-playing games to simulation games and now social arcade, we deliver the highest quality games in every category and tie in a strong social component that our users enjoy.”

There are a few kinds of games that seem to do very well on mobile platforms, and their upside is predicated on exposure and execution.

Jewel Mania is another match-3 game uses Facebook Connect to allow players to compete against their friends. That’s something that’s been done before, but TeamLava is promising beautiful animation and artwork, which may be enough to help churn over the people who have already downloaded the developer’s games 400 million times already.

Jewel Mania is live now on the Apple App Store.

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