New Skyrim: Dragonborn screens reveal expansion’s inner Morrowind (gallery)

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Fans of developer Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind should see a lot to like in these new screens from the next Skyrim expansion.

Bethesda will release the Dragonborn downloadable content on Dec. 4 for Xbox 360 at a price of 1,600 Microsoft points ($19.99.) This expansion to the first-person role-playing fantasy game takes players beyond the borders of Skyrim in a new quest to become the ultimate Dragonborn.

Players must hunt down and overcome the original Dragonborn in a Highlander-esque “there can be only one”¬†journey. Naturally, this add-on provides the user with new powers, new dungeons to explore, and new enemies to slay.

Have a look at some of the new (old) settings, creatures, and characters that’ll star in the next DLC:

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