German version of Halo 4 leaks map pack release dates, Microsoft comments

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German fan site The Halo Council has posted a screenshot from the German version of Halo 4. The screen (above) leaks the supposed release dates for the three upcoming map packs for 343 Industries’ blockbuster sequel.

GamesBeat reached out to publisher Microsoft Game Studios for confirmation and received the following information:

“Halo 4 War Games Map Packs will become available in December, February and April. The exact release dates are pending the production schedule for each map pack, but we look forward to sharing more details in due time.”

If the Crimson Map Pack deploys on December 10, I think it’s a safe bet to guess when the second and thid map packs will go live.

All three map packs are included at a discount in the Halo 4 Season Pass ($25), which was also bundled with the Halo 4 Limited Edition.