Wii U Update

I just powered on my Wii U and noticed that a system update is downloading.

Nintendo’s update 2.1.0 for the Wii U operating system will reportedly address the hard locking many players experience when using the menus.

The download process looks like it’ll take about as long as the first patch, but thankfully, this time it’ll all happen in the background if you want to play something in the meantime. My bar is at around 20 percent with 40 minutes to go, although that number is a moving target.

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Besides the stability, Nintendo is also promising this update will include other minor tweaks to improve the user experience.

Since it’s launch in mid-November, Nintendo’s Wii U has suffered from long load times, system freezing, and other bugs. This is all came after the first system update which introduced the entirety of the console’s online functionality.

At the time of launch, I called Nintendo support and a representative told me that an update is in the works to improve performance, but we won’t know if this one is it until we get some time to play around with it.

Have you downloaded the update? Let us know the differences you’ve noticed in the comments.