Tylted welcomes several top social-game developers to its mobile platform

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Most people may use Facebook for their social gaming, but it doesn’t really work as a mobile platform.

That’s what social-gaming community Tylted is positioning itself as, and it today announced an expansion to that effect. Tylted will add 50 more games from 10 established developers on its HTML5 platform.

“The advanced multimedia capabilities, streamlined coding and cross-platform compatibility of HTML5 allow us to offer greater in-game functionality and social integration across a wide variety of consumer platforms,” said executive vice president of Slingo Eric Lamendola. “Slingo games were among the first social games introduced on the web, and Tylted’s keen understanding of social interaction and implementation makes them an ideal partner for publishing Slingo Ricochet on mobile devices.”

Other games include developer TinyCo’s Tiny Monsters, which is a popular monster-breeder already out on iOS and Android. This offers gamers who prefer playing within one platform a chance to manage all of their games all under Tylted’s roof. It also provides a way for players with mobile devices that don’t have these games a way to play them using the nearly ubiquitous HTML5.

“Tylted is a great game platform for the mobile web,” said director of business development at TinyCo, Andrew N. Green.  “Partnering with Tylted will allow TinyCo to optimize our hit game Tiny Monsters in HTML5 and learn more about how to delight customers on the mobile web.”

According to Lamendola, users spend an average of 20 minutes per session within Tylted’s platform. That’s a long time on the Internet, and it is one of the most compelling reasons that developers are adopting Tylted as a another home for their games.