Cloud-proof your career (infographic)

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Whether you’re a baby boomer in your fourth decade of IT work, or a Gen-Y newbie know-it all, the cloud is either impacting your career now … or soon will be.

What do you need to know — or do — to make that impact a good one?

Cloud services company Bluelock put together an infographic for IT professionals. That’s timely, because in my experience hard-core developers (particularly those in mobile and web services) are often fairly knowledgeable about cloud offerings … but a significant chunk of the more IT-focused technology workers are not.

They’re often too busy keeping the lights on and the gravity working — focused on today, not tomorrow.

But with 48 percent greater cloud adoption just in the last six months, and a projected three-quarters of companies on the cloud by 2020, cloud savvy is not optional anymore. With the promised cost savings come new investments … and privacy concerns, and SLAs, and access controls, and APIs, and new management requirements, all of which have to be accounted for.

Here’s all the data, in visual form:


photo credit: Dell’s Official Flickr Page via photopin cc