Busy Brains

It’s been years since Nintendo’s Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! started the craze, but the brain-training business has only grown since that DS game taught us about the need to exercise our prefrontal cortices.

Developer Vivity Labs produced Fit Brains, an online platform that hosts a collection of 30 different games designed by neuroscientists to give your mind a workout. Users have played Fit Brains over 75 million times, and now it’s releasing Fit Brains Trainer, a free-to-download mobile app for iOS devices to help people on the go.

“Our goal was to build a high-quality brain-training app that married education and health with the best of gaming,” said Fit Brains chief executive officer Michael Cole. “Our unique mobile adaptive learning system provides a personalized brain workout to anyone, anywhere.”

Fit Brains 2

Fit Brains Trainer is like the website’s full workout only adapted for touchscreens. It has a variety of exercises that tie into the Fit Brains tracking system, which learns each players skill level and adapts to it.

After a free-trial period, you will need to sign up with Fit Brains for a three-, six-, or 12-month membership. This will provide access to the site, the full features of the app, and to any new training games that the developer introduces into its platform.

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