Plain Vanilla releases its multiplayer video game quiz for iOS

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If you know the original Japanese name for Pac-Man, then perhaps you’d enjoy showing off your deep knowledge in a battle of video game trivia.

Video Game QuizUpToday, developer Plain Vanilla launched Video Game QuizUp on iOS. The free download pits players against one another in a live online trivia game to see who knows the most about games.

The title features very cool Game Boy-style, pixelated pea-soup visuals to go along with the many classic and modern questions.

Naturally, you compete against random people using the game’s match-making technology, which works across different platforms. Gamers also rank up on leaderboards separated by country, state, and friends.

Plain Vanilla’s QuizUp platform, which we’ve covered in detail here, is mobile gaming’s only online trivia game where players compete against one another simultaneously.

Video Game QuizUp joins Plain Vanilla’s Twilight and math-based trivia games. Eventually, the company will combine all of these varying apps in one QuizUp hub application.

Plain Vanilla is working on an Android version of Video Game QuizUp for release at a later date.