Valve gives Plantronics the rights to officially brand headsets with Aperture Laboratories and Mann Co. logos

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valve headsets

Gabe Newell — whoa, relax! I just said the guys’ name; you don’t have to lose your mind.

I understand a lot of you gamers have a bit of a thing for the managing director of Valve and everything he does. Well, the publisher and digital distributor is teaming with consumer electronics company Plantronics to release four officially branded gaming headsets.

The two companies partnered to slap logos for Dota 2, Counter-Strike, Mann Co. (Team Fortress 2), and Aperture Laboratories (Portal) on the Plantronics Commander and 780 lines of personal audio equipment. The headsets are available now exclusively from the Valve or Plantronics stores.

This collaboration between Valve and Plantronics doesn’t end at some words on headphones. Valve will support the products with in-game promotions and online tournaments.

In-game promotions for a product that you wear on your head? Sounds like a perfect opportunity for: