Nintendo: Gifting a Wii U? Open and ‘perform updates before wrapping’

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Wii U Update

Oh, Nintendo — at least it heart is in the right place on this one.

Nintendo of America tweeted that people who are giving a Wii U for the holidays should open the box to perform the console’s very long update before wrapping it back up. That way the gamer can get right to hopping around the worlds of New Super Mario Bros. U.

Currently, the initial update for a Wii U can take up to 2.5 hours. It’s been a source of significant frustration for gamers who just want to start playing.

Of course, Nintendo could have helped fans out by updating the consoles itself at the manufacturing plant, but that didn’t happen. Since the system launched, the Japanese publisher has pushed out three major updates, including the last one with added the TVii television-surfing functionality.