How to gain early access to the Dead Space 3 demo

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This year was pretty great for video games, but it’s time to put that behind us. No point in reliving the past when a new year is soon upon us — and with it, a gaggle of new games vying for our attention.

Like Dead Space 3, the third-person horror shooter from publisher Electronic Arts, which hits North American retailers on February 5.  EA will release a Dead Space 3 demo on January 22 for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, just in time for when you’re finishing up all of the games you received over the holidays.

Xbox 360 gamers who sign up at can get access to the survival shooter’s trial a week early, on January 15.

Fans of the series are surely eager to try out Dead Space 3’s new cooperative mode. While the first game in the series focused on scares, the second entry was more about action. Co-op could represent the franchise’s final transformation from a horror title to an action series.