Samsung may debut transparent, portrait-sized TV at CES

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Samsung Transparent screen

While the Consumer Electronic Show still a little over a week away, gadget manufactures are already starting to tease some product announcements.

Such is the case with Samsung, which just released a handful of details on its Samsung Tomorrow blog about what appears to be a revolutionary new television set. The post contains an image of what looks like a transparent television screen that has a portrait shape rather than the traditional landscape shape shared by most TVs.

Samsung’s description of the photo reads: “A true innovation of TV design is coming up with a unprecedented new TV shape and timeless design,” but it doesn’t offer any other details.

If true, this would hardly be the first time Samsung has used CES to debut a prototype television product, as The Verge points out. Last year, Samsung showed off a translucent LCD TV display, a prototype that it would eventually target for commercial use.