This week in the Nintendo Download: Unchained Blades, Code of Princess, and Gunman Clive

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Code of Princess

Nintendo is all about dual screens in this week’s eShop update, and specifically the ones attached to the 3DS and DSi. Technically, the Wii U also uses two screens, but it doesn’t get any new content this week, so I don’t care about it.

The biggest additions to the 3DS’ eShop are dungeon-crawler Unchained Blades and the full retail version of role-playing game-flavored beat-em-up Code of Princess. You can also check out Gunman Clive, a side-scrolling shooter set in the year 18XX (maybe it’s a Mega Man prequel?), and Air Battle Hockey 3D, which is a fancier version of those first-person Pong Flash games.

Gunman Clive

You can also watch a Best of 2012 collection on Nintendo Video, which features fan-favorite clips from the service’s comedy and music offerings. My personal pick? That Skrillex video from last month. Wub wub.

Moving on to the DSi, it gets a pair of new titles as well: Snowboard Xtreme, a game that will teach you how to “use the snowboard,” according to the official site, and Galaxy Saver, which is not a chain of discount grocery stores but a Space Invaders-style shooter that lets you team up with a friend to kill waves of incoming aliens.