Mobile-app advertising platform SponsorPay doubles revenue in 2012

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Advertising platform SponsorPay had a huge 2012. The company’s revenue grew 126 percent compared to the previous 12 months.

SponsorPay’s growth came from its BrandEngage platform, a mobile-app advertising network that focuses on video and engagement as well as a new user-acquisition campaigns for Fortune 500 brands.

“Value-exchange advertising is consistently increasing in its popularity thanks to its ability to drive meaningful engagement,” chief executive officer Andreas Bodczek said in a statement. “SponsorPay continues to champion this innovative model because of its ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients.”

Value-exchange advertising is a model by which advertisers provide value to the target. For example, when playing a game, a value-exchange campaign may provide gamers with extra in-game coins or a link to similar games.

“Gamification and value exchange have become an increasingly important tactic for driving deep involvement with branded content, contributing to incremental lift in awareness and ultimately sales growth,” said associate director of Starcom Bradford Hutchins, a client of SponsorPay.

SponsorPay works with publishers like Zynga, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Outfit7, and Animoca to help them build a user base across Facebook, iOS, and Android. The company also works with advertisers like Coca-Cola, Samsung, Microsoft, McDonald’s, and Volkswagen.

This is the second straight year that SponsorPay has more than doubled its revenue. The Media Momentum Awards named the company the second-fastest growing digital company in Europe.

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