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10/5 How animators bring Skylanders Giants to life

9/29 The Facebook game platform: Anyone can rise to the top of the charts

9/28 The Facebook game platform: Expanding into mobile, the Middle East, and all game categories

9/28 Blizzard Entertainment president talks pandas, campers, and launch problems

9/28 Sony exec: PlayStation Plus took off once we realized ‘gamers want games

9/24 Sony explains why you’re getting a smaller, but not cheaper, PlayStation 3

9/21 After OnLive: Here’s why Nvidia believes cloud gaming is just getting started

9/20 This year’s Halo/Call of Duty killer: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 

9/14 Nintendo VP Scott Moffitt dishes on the Wii U’s $299 price, living room strategy, and more

9/14 Activision is finally swinging for the fences in mobile games


9/13 Clumsy Ninja’s 10-year journey to make it to Apple’s iPhone 5 launch stage

9/7 Firefall dev discusses major gameplay changes and its Kickstarter-inspired monetization strategy

9/6 Forza Horizon is an ‘action racer’ inspired by Assassin’s Creed and Red Dead Redemption

9/6 Ghost Recon Online’s Artic Pack expansion shows it’s a living online service

9/6 Ubisoft unleashes another generation of digital games

8/31 How Storm8 can score millions of mobile game downloads with zero marketing cost

8/24 Games get serious in education and corporate training

8/20 MechWarrior Online publisher talks about the resurrection of the brand and the future of free-to-play

8/15 Assassin’s Creed III lead designer talks maxing out hardware, making waves, and feudal Japan

8/10 The Walking Dead developer discusses the advantages and challenges of a multiplatform zombie apocalypse

8/8 Now just how many tanks can you fit in a battle map? Find out in the Armored Kill expansion for Battlefield 3

doubledown big

8/7 DoubleDown Interactive succeeds by not sucking at social casino games

8/6 Game designer crosses over from making Halo games to Zynga’s social games — he’s never going back

8/3 Death Rally paves a developer’s path into brave new world of games

8/2 Gamers at Work reveals the risks and emotional complications in entrepreneurship

8/1 Papaya Mobile’s new ad-exchange program could lure new developers to the platform

7/31 MAGFest: A long weekend of games, music, and heavy drinking

7/31 Sony’s Adam Boyes chases developers on new platforms

7/30 A leader on Facebook, Germany’s Wooga makes its move into mobile games

7/25 Valve’s Gabe Newell discusses the frontiers of gaming, from wearable technology to “tongue controllers”

7/22 Robotoki’s Robert Bowling talks Ouya, Human Element game

7/20 John Spinale navigates Disney’s push into social gaming

7/20 DeNA’s Neil Young: You have to ‘iterate the f*** out of your products’ to win

7/19 Ouya designer Yves Béhar talks disruption and design

7/19 China’s Tencent marches to the West in search of kick-ass games

mark pincus dean takahashi

7/18 Zynga’s Mark Pincus discusses how mobile could disrupt the game industry

7/18 From tournament gaming to No. 2 on Facebook

7/17 Ouya’s video game console Kickstarter tops $5M raised so far

7/17 Benchmark’s Mitch Lasky: Game publishers will evolve or die

7/16 Kixeye promises console disruption with free-to-play, browser-based hardcore games

7/15 Will GameStop’s digital ventures be enough to ward off online threats?


7/14 Bart Decrem says mobile games will spawn a new generation of Disney characters

7/14 Hidden Path Entertainment places the fate of Defense Grid 2 in the fans’ wallets

7/12 Xbox co-creator recruits arcade-game “dream team” to make iPad and iPhone games

7/12 Design guru Yves Béhar dishes on the Ouya console

7/10 Legendary game exec Bing Gordon on epic poems, the golden age of gaming, and Xbox as a platform

7/10 Ouya founder: ‘We never anticipated that it would blow up like this.’

7/5 Free-to-play pioneer K2 Network merges with Reloaded Games

7/3 Aggressive expansion: How Hero Academy came to embrace China and Steam

6/25 CCP’s David Reid says Dust 514 heralds a new free-to-play era on consoles

6/18 Sony’s free-to-play online shooter Planetside 2 will pack 2,000 players in an arena

6/15 APB Reloaded: Turning a game that killed a studio into a 3-million-user success

6/15 Embracing Silicon Valley, EA gears up for its digital empire

6/14 Crytek says CryEngine 3 already does awesome graphics as good as Unreal Engine 4

6/13 Trion Worlds will soon have multiple gargantuan online game worlds

6/12 THQ’s Brian Farrell talks about looking for a bottom and staging a comeback

6/10 Interview: Frank O’Connor on why 343 Industries changed Halo

6/10 Japan’s Gree moves mobile gaming into the spotlight at E3

6/10 The Witcher developer CD Projekt RED wants to set new standards with Cyberpunk

6/10 With 1.3B tanks obliterated and 30M players, plans to conquer the online gaming world

6/8 EA Sports chief leading the charge into digital games

6/8 Take-Two’s No. 2 exec Karl Slatoff on the time of disruption and opportunity in games

6/7 Trash talk from Sony game executive: Our competitors are losing the plot

6/7 Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi says Xbox SmartGlass takes an open view of mobile-console integration

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