Turtle Rock Studios outbid for its own game: Take 2 thinks it’s worth $11M

Turtle Rock

As THQ dissolves before our eyes. we continue to get more details about the court-ordered auction to sell the developer off piecemeal.

The big-ticket items were Company of Heroes developer Relic ($26 million to Sega) and Saints Row developer Volition ($23 million to Koch Media), but the next item on the list is a bit of a surprise.

The game is Evolve. It’s a new intellectual property from the original Left 4 Dead developer, Turtle Rock Studios. We don’t really know anything about the game, but publisher Take 2 knows enough to think it’s worth $11 million.

That was the winning bid, which far outpaced the runner-up of $250,000 from Turtle Rock Studios itself.

We first heard about Evolve when THQ filed for bankruptcy in December. The Chapter 11 documentation revealed that THQ expected to sell 4 million copies of Evolve, and it expected this new game to contribute nearly $40 million to its profits.

Those are big numbers for a new franchise. That, combined with Take 2’s willingness to spend a significant amount of money, suggests this is a title to look out for.

We’ve contacted Turtle Rock to ask about its plans for Evolve. We’ll update when with its response.

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