Hoax watch: Xbox 720 may just be named ‘Xbox’

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Xbox 360 Slim

Earlier this morning we posted a story about Microsoft’s Xbox 360 successor potentially being called the “Xbox.” The news came from a Pocket-lint report, but now a prankster has come clean to reveal the entire story is a hoax.

We apologize for the error, and it’s something we’ll be keeping an even closer eye on as we approach E3 in June. This particular rumor had an ounce of credibility since it seemed to fit into next-gen Xbox details leaked a few days ago. And I’ll maintain that the name “Xbox 720″ still doesn’t make much sense.

Gamers have taken to the Xbox 720 moniker as they became antsy for a new console — but that name likely won’t work for general consumers. Symbolically, the term “720” doesn’t have the positive spin that “360” did.  The Xbox 360 ended up being a living room hub that could tackle all of your entertainment needs — a 360-degree solution. Nobody ever talks about a 720-degree solution.