Nintendo introduces online multiplayer to the new Luigi’s Mansion

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Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon 3DS

Bustin’ makes Luigi feel good. At least I hope it does, because he’d gonna do it with up to three other people at the same time in his new game.

Nintendo announced today that Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, the ghost-vacuuming puzzle platformer due out March 24 for the 3DS, features a new multiplayer mode.

Up to four players (all as different colored Luigis) can tackle the “ScareScraper” building in “Hunter Mode.” Naturally, specters and ghouls haunt this tower by the dozens, which means it’s up to gamers to clear each floor. Teamwork is a must if players want to make it to the top  — besides, Luigi isn’t really the lone-wolf type. A boss fight awaits the Luigis at the top of the tower.

This sounds a lot like “Baby’s First Horde Mode.”

The multiplayer works both locally and online. The local mode allows for limited “download play” functionality — the 3DS feature that allows multiple 3DSes to play a game off of a single cartridge.

We’ll have more on Luigi’s Mansion as we move closer to its release. This is one of the bigger exclusives for the Nintendo handheld.