Hitman: Absolution: How to unlock all 53 disguises

Hitman Absolution disguises
Image Credit: Samir Torres
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Hitman Absolution disguises

Hitman: Absolution lets you indulge in your cosplay fantasies by offering 53 different disguises to find and collect throughout the single-player campaign. Acquiring these suits will help you remain anonymous while eliminating your targets.

Browse the list below and click on a disguise to learn where to get it, as well as its benefits. Unlock every outfit and prove you’re the best hitman of the International Contract Agency (ICA) — or at least the most stylish.

1. Agency Grunt 28. Hope Goon
2. Agency Heavy Trooper 29. Hope Plumber
3. Agency Soldier 30. Hope Police Officer
4. Agency Technician 31. Hot Sauce Factory Chef
5. Agent 47’s Suit 32. Ice Cream Truck Driver
6. Arms Dealer 33. Janitor
7. Barber 34. Judge
8. Bird Costume 35. Mansion Exterior Guard
9. Blackwater Bodyguard 36. Mansion Interior Guard
10. Blackwater Custodian 37. Market Vendor
11. Blackwater Manager 38. Mechanic
12. Blackwater Park Exterior Guard 39. Patriot’s Entourage
13. Blackwater Park Interior Guard 40. Plumber
14. Blackwater Receptionist 41. Priest
15. Blackwater Tactical Team 42. Researcher
16. Chef 43. Robe
17. Chicago Police Officer 44. Rosewood Security Guard
18. Chicago SWAT Officer 45. Samurai
19. Chipmunk 46. Scarecrow
20. Court Security Guard 47. Scientist
21. Court Usher 48. Sewer Worker
22. Dealer 49. Store Clerk
23. Electrician 50. Strip Club Bouncer
24. Factory Guard 51. The Patriot
25. Gardener 52. Tin Foil Hat Man
26. Henchman 53. Truck Driver
27. Hope Bouncer 54. DLC Disguises