Waiting is for suckers. If you’re cool, you get stuff early. In the event that you are not cool, like me, you could get a GameStop PowerUp Rewards membership and then preorder Gears of War: Judgment to get early access to one of the game’s multiplayer modes.

Gears of War: Judgment is the new third-person shooter from developer Epic Games. It is due out March 19 for Xbox 360.

Microsoft, GameStop, and Epic partnered for the aforementioned preorder bonus. This early download goes live on March 15 at 11:59 p.m PST for GameStop PowerUp Rewards members that preorder the new title.

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The demo features Judgment’s OverRun multiplayer mode — a class-based, objective-oriented game that pits two teams of five against one another in head-to-head action.

The best part? Any experience points earned in this demo transfer over to the final game for players who try it within the first week of its release.

Take a look at the OverRun mode in this explanatory video from Epic:

Naturally, this wouldn’t be a preorder-bonus story if we didn’t cover the exclusive in-game items. They include a “Young Marcus” skin that makes the protagonist look 20 years younger without the use of surgery and the Lambent weapon skin.