Borderlands 2 cosplay + cover song = True Vault Hunter status

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Borderlands 2 cosplay

Gearbox Software’s Borderlands 2 has seen a plethora of impressive cosplay, but what about cosplay combined with a haunting cover of the opening track? Thanks to indie band Rexon, we can all scratch that off the list as well.

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford shared the link out from his personal Twitter¬†account today. In the video, Rexon frontwoman Kelly Jean appears as Lilith, a Siren character from the Borderlands series (Maya gets no love!), and performs a cover of The Heavy’s “Short Change Hero,” the song that plays over the opening cinematic in Borderlands 2. It’s pretty damn good:

The band also shared their Xbox 360 gamertags in the YouTube video’s description for anyone looking to help Kelly get her level 32 Commando to 50 in time for the next DLC. Though something tells me Rexon’s going to be a little bit busier than usual once this hits the front page of Reddit. …

Top image via Rexon’s Facebook page