Madden NFL 13’s prediction for the Super Bowl was scary accurate

I base all of my gambling decisions on video game simulations. I run a mock Kentucky Derby in Sega’s Derby Owners Club every year, which has only lost me around $14,000. Thankfully, I could make most of that back if I would just start listening to Electronic Arts’ predictions for the Super Bowl.

Electronic Arts predicted that the Baltimore Ravens would beat the San Francisco 49ers by three points in last night’s Super Bowl, according to a simulation it ran of the game in Madden NFL 13. The final score to Super Bowl XLVII was 34-31 — with Baltimore on top.

To make this prediction each year, the publisher runs a Madden match where the computer A.I. controls both teams. The developers ensure that the rosters are up to date and that they account for the most recent performances of each team. The result is that this is the eighth time in 10 years that this video game correctly predicted the winner of the Super Bowl.

This year, Madden went beyond just predicting the winner and the score differential.

EA’s football game also correctly guessed that Baltimore wide receiver Anquan Boldin and San Francisco running back Frank Gore would score touchdowns, and the sim almost nailed 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s complete stat line.

It predicted Kaepernick would have 18 completions on 29 attempted passes with a touchdown and an interception. He actually had 16 completions on 28 attempts with a touchdown and an interception.

Amazingly, Madden prophesied that Baltimore safety Ed Reed would have the only interception — and that happened.

If it weren’t for the commercials, the power outages, and the Beyonces, I would just watch the Madden version of the Super Bowl every year.

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