The DeanBeat: After Zynga’s crash, game investments dive 42 percent in 2012

103. Pixowl — Pixowl raises $1.2 million for story-based and character-driven mobile games. Investors. Sept. 27.

104. Phoenix Guild — Jason Citron, founder of OpenFeint, wanted to get back to making games. So he started Phoenix Guild to make games for the “post-PC era.” Citron raised $1.1 million. Investors: YouWeb, Accel and General Partners. July 10.

105. LevelEleven — Detroit-based LevelEleven raises $1 million for gamification of the sales process. Investors: Detroit Venture Partners and ePrize. Oct. 30.

106. BitRhymes – BitRhymes raises $1 million for casino games such as the hit game Bing Bash. Investors: Mark Jung, Yucheng Chiang, Dan Cooperman, and Doug Bergeron. April 16.

107. Eruptive Games — Eruptive Games raises $1 million for action-adventure social games such as Citizen Grim. Investors: Kevin Colleran, Kai Huang, Nadeem Kassam, and Plarium. July 9.

108. Grow Mobile — Grow Mobile raises $1 million for mobile game and app marketing and data management. Investors: Signia Venture Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners.  Sept. 7.

109. Playerize — Playerize secures $1 million to recruit more players for social games. Investors: Real Ventures, Rho Ventures, Mike Edwards, David Chamandy, Martin-Luc Archambault, Dan Robichaud, and Jason Bailey. Jan 4.

project godus

110. Pug Pharm Productions — Canada’s Pug Pharm Productions nabs $1 million for gamification engine. Investor: Goal Holdings. Oct. 30.

111. Mob Science — Mob Science raises $1 million for social games on Zynga’s platform. Investors: David Young and Mark Surfas. March 27.
112. Goblinworks — Goblinworks secures $1.09 million for Pathfinder Online via Kickstarter. Investors: Kickstarter fans. Jan 14.
113. TreSensa — TreSensa raises $1 million for cross-platform gaming. Investors: undisclosed angels. July 23.
114. Vivid Games — Poland’s Vivid Games raises $1 million from Investors: Giza Polish Ventures and 31 private investors. June 21.
115. Ember Entertainment — Ember Entertainment raises $980,000 for mobile games. Investors: John Schappert and others. Dec. 13.
116. DraftDay — DraftDay raises $875,000 for daily fantasy sports web site. Investor: Lightbank. April 4.105. GymPact — GymPact raises $850,000 to gamify fitness and health. Investors: Mike Hirshland,  TEEC Angel Fund, Mike Dornbrook, and Alex Rigopolous. June 28.
117. 22cans — 22cans, started by god game pioneer Peter Molyneux, raises $832,233 on Kickstarter for Project Godus. Dec. 21.
118. PlayMob — PlayMob raises $800,00 for GiverBoard platform that lets gamers donate to charities via in-game micro-payments. Investor: NESTA, Midven, Ian Livingstone and other angels. July 3.
119. Corous360 — Corous360 raises $789,000 for cloud-based gaming. Investors: Gobi Partners. July 2.

120. Revolution Software — Revolution Software raises $771,560 on Kickstarter for Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse. Investors: Kickstarter fans. Sept. 22.

121. Zipline Games — Zipline Games raises $750,000 for Moai game development platform. Investors: Founders Co-Op, Benaroya Capital, Pioneer Venture Partners, and Groundspeak. July 6.

122. Brass Monkey — Brass Monkey raises $750,000 to enable gamers to turn their smartphones into game controllers. Investors: Jeremie Berrebi, David Beyer, Nicole Stata, and others. Jan. 18.

123. Plyve — Plyfe nabs $750,000 for platform that lets brands to promote themselves through games and rewards. Investors: Crosscut Ventures. Nov. 29.113. Stoic — Stoic raises $723,886 for the Viking strategy game Banner Saga on Kickstarter. Investors: Kickstarter fans. April 20.

124. TribePlay — China’s TribePlay raises $750,000 for Dr. Panda kids’ games. Investor: Unnamed Dutch and Asian investors. Dec. 4.

leisure suit larry125. Sauropod Studio — Sauropod Studio scores $702,516 for Castle Story on Kickstarter. Investors: Kickstarter fans. Aug. 26.

126. Replay Games — Replay Games gets $673,602 for Leisure Suit Larry Remake on Kickstarter. Investors: Kickstarter fans. May 2.

127.Mavenhut — Mavenhut raises $650,000 for social gaming studio in Ireland. Investor: SOSventures. Nov. 16.

128. UpTap — UpTap raises $645,000 for tablet games. Investors: Seattle area angels. Sept. 27.

129. Stainless Games — Stainless Games raises $625,143 on Kickstarter for Carmageddon: Reincarnation. Investors: Kickstarter fans. June 6.

130. Chris Jones and Aaron Conners — Tex Murphy Project Fedora scores $598,104 on Kickstarter. Investors: Kickstarter fans. June 16.

131. Winterkewl Games — Winterkewl Games raises $567,665 on Kickstarter for sandbox adventure game Yogventures. Investors: Kickstarter fans. May 6.

132. Cliffhanger Productions — Cliffhanger Productions raises $558,863 on Kickstarter for Shadowrun Online. Investors: Kickstarter fans. Aug. 14.

133. Camouflaj — Camouflaj raises $555,662 on Kickstarter for Republique game. Investors: Kickstarter fans. May 11.

134. Tap Lab — Tap Lab raises $550,000 to fund location-based mobile games. Investors: Alex Rigopoulos, Eran Egozy, Don Dodge, Mike Dornbrook, and other angels. April 3.

135. We Want To Know — French-Norwegian game developer We Want To Know raises $550,000 to make math fun for kids. Investor: Jon von Tetzchner. Dec. 12.

136. Two Guys From Andromeda –Two Guys From Andromeda raises $539,767 on Kickstarter for SpaceVenture. Investors: Kickstarter fans. June 12.

137. Crate Entertainment — Crate Entertainment pulls in $537,515 on Kickstarter for Grim Dawn action role-playing game. Investors: Kickstarter fans. May 18.

138. Penny Arcade — Penny Arcade raises $528,144 on Kickstarter to become independent from advertising. Investors: Kickstarter fans. Aug. 15.

139. Subutai — Subutai scores $526,125 for Clang on Kickstarter. Investors: Kickstarter fans. July 9.

Interactive Project — Italy’s Interactive Project garners $510,000 for racing title. Investors: LVenture. Nov. 14.

jane jensen140. Game Genome Project — Game Genome Project raises $500,000 to make game discovery better. Investors: Anu Nigam and Roberto Fonti. Sept. 25.

141. MadRat Games — MadRat Games gets $500,000 for games in Indian market. Investor: Blume Ventures and First Light Ventures. Dec. 10.

142. TinyTap — TinyTap raises $500,000 for children’s educational games. Investors: Israel’s Inimiti. Nov. 12.

143. Duxter — Duxter raises $500,000 for gamer social network. Investors: not disclosed. Nov. 6.

144. Pinkerton Road Studio — Jane Jensen’s Pinkerton Road Studio raises $435,316 on Kickstarter. The creator of Gabriel Knight (Jensen, pictured right) is creating a new adventure game called Moebius. Investors: Kickstarter fans. May 8.

145. Spitball Entertainment — Spitball Entertainment raises $300,000 for celebrity musician game. Investors: Not disclosed. March 16.

146. Quelle Histoire — Quelle Histoire raises $269,700 for history games. Investors: Paris Business Angels. Oct. 29.

147. Refract Studios — Refract Studios raises $161,981 on Kickstarter for Distance arcade racer. Investors: Kickstarter fans. Nov. 16.

148. Big Robot — Big Robot raises $145,358 on Kickstarter for Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Investors: Kickstarter fans. Dec. 2.

149. Infantium — Spain’s Infantium gets $134,850 for learning games for young kids. Investors: Grupo ITnet, SeedRocket Business Angels, and Enisa. Oct. 25.

150. David Hellman and Tevis Thompson — Two-man team raises $69,581 for Second Quest game on Kickstarter. Investors: Kickstarter fans. Nov. 16.

151. Softgames — Softgames gets $70,000 for HTML5 gaming platform. Investors: not disclosed. Oct. 26.

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