This is what a prototype PlayStation 4 controller reportedly looks like

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Alarm Clock PS4 controller

Man the harpoons, because that is one whale of a controller.

The above image, which first appeared on Destructoid, features what looks like a PlayStation DualShock controller with a touchpad at its center. We can’t confirm if this is the real deal, but Kotaku claims its source verified that it is an actual prototype gamepad for Sony’s next-gen console.

At most, this is a likely a prototype, which means it may not reflect what the final controller will look like. It is likely a working mockup that Sony’s engineers have thrown together so developers can make their games. It is bulky because it has all of the new technology slapped haphazardly into its shell.

We contacted Sony, but its spokesperson said it does not comment on rumor and speculation — and I don’t think “rumor and speculation” is the name of the new console.

Sony is holding an event on Feb. 20 to discuss the future of PlayStation. Gamers and analysts widely believe this event will focus on the next PlayStation home console.