BioShock Infinite

My hype levels were already up to my eyes — then Irrational went and blew my hair off.

Earlier today, developer Irrational Games released a new promotional trailer for its upcoming first-person shooter BioShock Infinite. The game — which is due out March 26 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC — takes place in an alternative early 20th-century floating American city called Columbia.

That is a setting ripe for lore, and that’s what the latest promo explores in the style of a 1970s-era educational video. Watch it to learn more about the mysterious giant, crow-like Songbird character that we’ll see a lot more of when the game ships:

This is the second entry in Irrational’s Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus? video series. The previous one covered the legend of Columbia itself.

It’s not like everyone wasn’t anticipating this game enough. Who doesn’t want to play BioShock Infinite on day one? But if anyone was holding out, then I gotta imagine that this powerfully cool marketing campaign is wearing down on them.

I think we have an early favorite for “Best Marketing” in next year’s Game of the Year awards.

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