Farewell, rhythm genre: Rock Band downloadable content comes to an end in April

Rock Band 3 screen
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Rock Band 3 screen

We all have fond memories of having Rock Band parties at a buddy’s house every weekend. There was pizza, lots of laughs, and that one friend who always suffered some alcohol-induced vomiting off the balcony. Those days are long gone and with them will soon be Rock Band downloadable content (DLC). Developer Harmonix has announced on its blog that, come April 2, it will no longer release Rock Band updates including new music.

As the post says, Harmonix has maintained a release schedule for 275 consecutive weeks. That’s just over five years of DLC or more than 4,000 songs. The developer has content lined up for the next several weeks, and it will continue its current release schedule until April.

To see Rock Band ends its run is really no surprise. The long-struggling rhythm genre has already faded out of the mainstream. Rock Band 3 launched October 2010 and didn’t make the NPD top 10 then or in November. Viacom reportedly sold Harmonix for $50 (yes, just $50) in 2011 to offload millions in tax expenses, and Activision killed off competitor Guitar Hero later that year.

For now, Harmonix is offering a DLC sale of 50% off for over 1,000 of its songs. Time to build that backlog for any of those friends who still play Rock Band.

(via NeoGAF )