Aliens, Prometheus, and even Spaceballs: Spot the references in Colonial Marines

Space Jockey

acm jockey During mission eight, you explore the interior of the derelict spaceship from Alien. Its pilot, known as the “Space Jockey,” rests in his seat just like in the movie. He looks pretty detailed, right down to the hole in his chest.

Scanning ‘pups’

acm pups The crashed alien craft is huge, so Weyland-Yutani researchers use hovering spheres that shoot red lasers to scan its nooks and crannies. These are the exact same scanners (called “pups”) used by geologist Fifield in Prometheus. Apparently, mapping technology didn’t evolve in 80-plus years.

Straw hat and cane

acm hello Weyland-Yutani scientists set camp on LV-426, where they store facehuggers and xenomorphs in stasis tubes. One of the tubes appears to be empty, but on closer inspection you can see a tiny straw hat and a wooden walking stick inside. This is a reference to Mel Brook’s Spaceballs, where a chestburster pops out of actor John Hurt (after he orders the “special” at a space diner) and performs the song Hello! Ma Baby.

Mysterious circular ship

acm ship Remember the alien pilot? If you shoot at his head long enough, a holographic projection appears over him. It shows the “Space Jockey’s” ship engaged in a dogfight with a circular vessel of unknown origin. Could it be the same (or similar) ship from the beginning of Prometheus that left a single Engineer on Earth to create life?

Michael Weyland

Michael Weyland During the final minutes of Alien 3, Michael Weyland shows up on Fiorina 161 to persuade Ripley into letting him remove the xenomorph embryo from her chest to save her life. Ripley confuses him with Bishop, whom Michael created, but Weyland claims to be human.Is he really made out of flesh and bone?

Michael’s name shows up as “Bishop II” during the movie’s credits, and Lance Henriksen (the actor that portrayed him) said in an interview that he always thought Michael was an android. At the end of Aliens: Colonial Marines, the surviving soldiers confront Michael Weyland and blame him for everything that happened. Hicks loses his cool and shoots Weyland in the face. And guess what? He was an android. …

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