The 20 biggest private exits of 2012 (for the top 20 VC firms of the year)

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Private company research firm Privco has ranked the top 20 merger and acquisitions of the top 20 technology VC firms of 2012, including’s $1.6 billion sale to private equity firm Permira and other top tech acquisitions such as Yammer, Meebo, Instagram, and NextG networks.

The biggest 2012 private exit on the list is, for $1.6 billion, while Meraki, Yammer, NextG Networks, and Nicira all passed the billion-dollar mark.

Just a little more than a week, ago, PrivCo revealed the most acquisitive companies of 2012, which included Facebook, Google, Groupon, and the still-private Twitter, which was the first time a private company had made the top 10 list.

“We had our data team pull the largest exit for each of the Top 20 tech VC firms of 2012, including company sold, date of sale, and acquisition price,” Privco CEO Sam Hamedeh told VentureBeat in an email. “Most of the deal prices below have never before been disclosed publicly, including by us.”

Here’s the data, in visual form.

Note that some exits that appear smaller are ranked higher, as they returned more capital to the venture firm that primarily backed them.


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