That PlayStation Vita price cut isn’t coming to North America

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PlayStation Vita

Price cuts are only for countries with good little boys and girls … and decent exchange rates.

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida revealed that the PlayStation Vita won’t receive a price cut in North America, according to Polygon. Yoshida cited the current exchange rate between the Japanese yen and U.S. dollar, which currently sits at 93.17 yen for every $1, as the reason Sony won’t drop the price on this continent.

Many gamers were expecting Sony to announce a $50 slash to the Vita’s price at its event yesterday, where the company introduced the PlayStation 4. Earlier in the week, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan lowered the price from 24,980 yen ($268) to 19,980 yen ($214).

A PlayStation Vita currently costs $249.99 in the U.S. A $50 cut would put the system at $199.99, which only earns Sony 18,633 yen.