‘The Thunder King’ trailer celebrates the imminent arrival of World of Warcraft’s latest patch

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The Thunder King

When Blizzard patches a game, especially World of Warcraft, it’s a big deal. It’s no different with the upcoming patch 5.2, which the developer plans to release soon.

To celebrate, Blizzard released a trailer today titled “The Thunder King.” The video teases new content including the titular villain and the Throne of Thunder raid quest.

Check out the video below:

Blizzard detailed many of the changes coming with Patch 5.2 on, but here’s a quick overview of the updates:

  • New daily quest hub: Isle of Thunder
  • New raid: Throne of Thunder
  • New world bosses: Nalak, the Storm Lord, and Oondasta
  • A whole mess of changes to existing classes
  • Tweaks to the pet battle system