Fez, a new indie platformer hitting Xbox Live Arcade from Polytron Corporation

Phil Fish is throwing off the shackles of Xbox Live Arcade.

Developer Polytron Corporation, led by designer Fish, will release Fez on May 1 for Valve’s Steam digital-distribution service. This is the first time the indie darling will be available outside of the Xbox 360’s Live Arcade download platform.

Polytron hasn’t set a price for Fez on Steam, but it currently goes for 800 Microsoft Points ($10) on XBLA.


Fez is a 2D puzzle-platformer that enables gamers to shift the visual perspective to morph the world’s non-Euclidean¬†geometry. Players control a flat creature named Gomez who gets a magical fez hat that gives him the power to move in the third dimension. That empowers him to travel around the world to collect magical cubes.

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