‘Did Google kill Keep yet?’ and other bitter reactions to Google’s latest app

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Seeing as how Google’s heartless murder of Reader is still fresh in our minds, you might be forgiven for being a little bit skeptical of Google’s long-term commitment for Google Keep, its new Evernote/OneNote counterpart.

And unsurprisingly, you’re not alone. While Keep’s launch has been greeted with a fair bit of muted enthusiasm, that excitement has been greatly overshadowed by abject bitterness and cynicism. Will Google give the app the boot once it gets tired updating it? The Internet seems to think that’s the case. Here are some reactions.

No one give Drunk Hulk a puppy.


Warren Ellis: As sagacious as ever.


VentureBeat pal Rocky Agrawal gives a history lesson.google-keep-twitter3

Benedict Evans questions Google’s timing.


VentureBeat editor Dylan Tweney knew what Keep’s deal was even before Google officially announced it.


Ironic naming? Maybe.


No, not yet.


In case you were curious where this writer stands on the news.


Like the polyamorist in your life, Google just can’t commit.


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