Rockstar holds to traditions for Grand Theft Auto V box art

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Rockstar Games

Grant Theft Auto and The Brady Bunch have always had one thing in common. GTA’s cover art has always had a bunch of people sectioned off in tic-tac-toe-like boxes — just like The Brady Bunch‘s famous title screen.

For Grand Theft Auto V, developer Rockstar Games is sticking with that tradition. The studio revealed the cover for the latest GTA, and it shows off the setting, the action, and the characters.

The latest entry in the studio’s open-world crime games, due out Sept. 7 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, features three playable characters. In the image below, you can see Trevor on the right holding the rifle. Michael is just below the title on the jet-ski, and Franklin is below him with the handgun.

The plot follows the three men as they get sucked back in to crime after attempting to retire in Rockstar’s Los Angeles-like Los Santos. Throughout the game they’ll kill pedestrians, fly helicopters, and rob banks … so, really, it’s just like The Brady Bunch.

Rockstart Games GTAV box cover