GamesBeat giveaways: Kung-fu fighting in Age of Wushu MMO

Age of Wushu

If the Matrix Online left a hole in your heart for multiplayer martial-arts gameplay, free-to-play MMO Age of Wushu might help. GamesBeat has 100 early access codes to give away between April 8-9, and winning one is easy:

  • Follow @GamesBeat on Twitter. We’ll direct message the code to you, but we can’t if you don’t follow us!
  • Comment on this giveaway with your Twitter handle, like, @vitiosuslepos.
  • In the comment, tell us what you like about martial arts games.

If you do all of that, you’ll get a chance to check of Age of Wushu before it fully launches on April 10. You can redeem your code here. You will need to create an account first.

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