‘Like’ Company of Heroes 2 on Facebook to get in the closed beta

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I think publisher Sega is stretching the definition of “closed beta” with its most recent take on the concept for Company of Heroes 2.

Sega is opening the closed beta to anyone who likes developer Relic’s real-time strategy game, which is due out for PC on June 25. Really, gamers don’t even have to like Company of Heroes 2, they just need to click “Like” on Facebook. For a limited time, anyone who does that on the Company of Heroes page can exchange the “Like” for an invite to the closed test.

“After a successful first phase, we are delighted to be able to open the closed beta up to all of our Facebook fans and invite them to help us test and improve the game,” Relic producer Greg Wilson said in a statement.

Company of Heroes 2 is a squad-based real-time strategy title set during World War II. The trial game features competitive multiplayer across six maps. Players can face off against each other or against computer-controlled opponents.

To get your code, simply head to Company of Heroes’ Facebook page and “Like” it. Then select the “FREE Beta Download” tab next to the “Photos” tab. Follow the instructions on that screen, and then redeem your code through the Steam digital-download service.

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