Turn the lights down and get sexy with the trailer for this game about boats … really

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Game-trailer editors struggle to get viewers to pay attention to their videos. That desperation often leads to quick cuts, thumping dubstep, and booming voice-overs from affordable Keith David sound-a-likes.

Publisher Paradox Interactive is forgoing all of that expensive junk for Leviathan: Warships from developer Pieces Interactive. The turn-based sea-warfare title is due out on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS this spring, and it benefits from slowing things down and getting sexy.

Check out the hilarious trailer to see what I mean:

Leviathan (which means “big”) is a thoughtful tactics game that has players building and customizing their own fleets. It features a single-player campaign, but it also has co-op and competitive multiplayer.

The title even has cross-platform support so that players on iOS can play against their friends on PC– in the unlikely scenario that an iOS person would even befriend someone who owns a PC.

Pieces also has cloud-save support, so you can play on your computer and then pick it up on your tablet when you’re on the go.

(Thanks to Zak I. for the tip.)