Spam your Animal Crossing creations to Twitter with the 3DS’s screenshot-sharing tool

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Nintendo isn’t exactly on the edge of discovery¬†when it comes to online social features for its gaming systems. Sure, the Wii U has the Miiverse, but the 3DS doesn’t really have much more than a friends list.

The publisher is adding some social networking to its 3D handheld in Japan today with a new screenshot-sharing tool, as first spotted by Twitter user Cheesemeister3K. Players use this feature to grab a shot of the screen while playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf or Tomodachi Collection. Gamers can then post the image to Twitter or Tumblr by navigating to using the 3DS’s Internet browser.

The limited tool currently only supports Animal Crossing and Tomodachi. It can also only send images to Twitter and Tumblr. GamesBeat asked Nintendo if it will bring this functionality to North America when Animal Crossing debuts here on June 9 and whether it will ever support more than its limited games and social networks. We will update with the company’s response.