Minecraft creator launches psychedelic typing game Drop

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Notch Markus Persson Mojang Minecraft

Markus “Notch” Persson could spend the rest of his life watching cartoons and ordering out. The Minecraft creator made a fortune on his open-world block-building game before passing the development torch for that cult phenomenon on to a dedicated group of developers at his studio, Mojang. He’s not, however, kicking back on some tropical island. In fact, he just released a completely original game.

This new game is Drop, and it’s available to play for free in your browser right now.

Drop is an arcade-style typing game that draws inspiration from Fez, Super Hexagon, and a ceiling (see the tweet below). Built in Unity, a popular graphics platform, Drop has players typing in words as a world of vague shapes and shadows fall closer to the screen. If you miss enough letters, or don’t type fast enough, the world will drop on top of you for a “game over.”

It’s a simple but intense title that you probably can only play if you know how to touch-type. Hunt-and-peck folk might want to wait for Notch’s next major release, Ox10c, which is an open-world sci-fi title with space battles, hacking, mining, and trading.