Here’s our first look at Google’s fancy new smartwatch design – no rumors this time

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Google Smartwatchpng

Google has patented a new smartwatch design, complete with dual touchpads, a wireless Internet connection, and components that might be located in the watch’s wristband rather than under its face.

The touchpad, which will enable all of the expected tapping, pinching, and stretching gestures, might also be removable, the patent says.

Interestingly, this design features a rectangular display somewhat reminiscent of the Google Glass Cards resolution and form factor — and it’s quite unlike another Google patent approved last year for a flip-top, round-faced smartwatch.

Here’s a look at the sketches that accompanied the patent documents:

And as a refresher, here’s a look at Glass’s UI of timeline cards and visual overlays:

This watch is the brain child of research scientist Dr. Richard Gossweiler, an interaction design übernerd who worked at Xerox PARC, HP Labs, and IBM before settling into a role at Google, where he’s worked on new search models, user experiences, and collaborative applications.

Also of note: Gossweiler also worked for NASA, developing display components for the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission.

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