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Crowdcases says its ‘crowd of designers’ can change the world (exclusive)

Equality case
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New York-based Crowdcases wants to bring together a community of designers to raise funds for nonprofit organizations.

Each week, the startup picks a charity, and asks artists to submit a design for a custom iPhone or Samsung Galaxy case. These cases are sold on the website, and the profits are split between Crowdcases and its charity partner. The nonprofit receives $7 for each case sold.

CrowdCases-iPhone4S-CaseArt_grandeIn addition, the winning designer is rewarded $500 in cash. “Not only do they win money, but their designs can go to work to save lives,” said CEO Dwight Peters.

It’s a deceptively simple idea that might just work.

Peters plans to scale the site by partnering with high-profile nonprofits with a large social media following.

Jamaica-born Peters is a keen advocate of social entrepreneurship, the idea that change-making and profit-making should be aligned. Successful companies in this space include online petitioning site, and Kiva, an online lending platform for the developing world.

This isn’t Peters’ first foray into entrepreneurship; his first website, QuarterWaters, features interviews with founders of “tech for good” companies.

The next challenge takes place on May 26, and Crowdcases is currently accepting applications from nonprofits and designers.